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Erol Kiresepi B20 Söyleşisi Türkçe Çeviri Metni

Erol Kiresepi, Vice President of the Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations (TİSK) and Co-Chair of the B20 Employment & Education Taskforce discusses how the B20 and the G20 have evolved since the Turkish Presidency.

In 2015, Turkey held the G20 Presidency. Looking back, would you say that the B20 recommendations under the Turkish Presidency have led to concrete action since then? For which topics would you wish for more commitment by the G20?

To start, I would like to emphasize my trust in Argentina, who will do its best to continue the success of the B20’s work and who will bring new issues to world’s attention by building upon previous Presidencies’ work.

When we look back to B20 Turkey, we can see that inclusivity was the most important principle in that year. After 2 years, it is great to see that it has succeeded in making the B20 and the G20 more inclusive.

Firstly, Turkey initiated the process to make the G20 more relevant for developing countries and China laid a good framework to achieve the aforementioned objective. I see that German leadership of the G20 in 2017 also continued these efforts and made the G20 more relevant for developing countries. HABERİN DEVAMI İÇİN…