About Kiplas


The Turkish Chemical, Petroleum, Rubber and Plastics Industry Employers’ Association (KIPLAS) has been proudly serving in the fields of Chemicals, Petroleum, Petro Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Paint, Rubber and Plastics, which are among the leading sectors of our country’s industry, for 62 years since 1961.

It is the most powerful employers’ organization in its sector on a line-of-business basis, with collective bargaining authority covering more than twenty-eight thousand employees in its member employers, which include Turkey’s and the world’s leading enterprises.

KIPLAS aims to approach the problems of businesses and employers from a broad perspective. While aiming to inform and represent its members in the best possible way, it is KIPLAS’ top priority to provide a service that will ensure that members are always ready for economic and social competition.

It represents the interests of its members before Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations (TISK) at the national level, and the BUSINESSEUROPE through TISK at the international level.  It joins forces so that social solidarity can be achieved among the employers. In this regard, it is one of the founding members of the “Chemical Industry Platform” that brings the employers’ organizations in the chemical industry. Since 2015, KIPLAS is one of the signatories to the UN Global Compact’s 10 principles including the commitments on “human rights, working standards, environment, and fighting against corruption”.

KIPLAS strives to create a developing and improving momentum in the Chemical, Petroleum, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Paint, Rubber and Plastics sector by benefiting from the information pools of global organizations and sharing the information obtained with its members.

With a new roadmap, KIPLAS aims to restructure its “Legal and Social Relations Directorate” service and expand its range of services in the areas of competition law, trademark-patent, commercial lawsuits and many other issues, as well as the Human Resources Management initiative, which includes collective labor agreements, litigation, working life and industrial relations issues, which are included in its traditional mission, and which directs the individual working relations of companies. It continues to provide quality and reliable service within this wide range.

As the 21st century production world is being rebuilt with different actors, low cost, quality production, human and environment-oriented policies have started to gain importance for businesses and employers. In the last century, sensitivity to human and environmental health has increased significantly at both international and national levels.

The issues of environment, safety, health and industrial risks have become new focuses of interest in sectoral activities in terms of international competition and environmentally friendly image. For this reason, KİPLAS provides support to its member workplaces in all areas needed through consultancy services and on-the-job trainings with the consultancy center established under the name of “Technical Affairs and Training Directorate”, which provides services on “workplace safety, environment, national and international regulations on chemical substances and industrial risks” with the professional service diversification approach developed in parallel with its new vision.

KIPLAS not only focuses on industrial relations and working life issues, but also supports the development of art and artists. Since 2003, as a contemporary civil society organization, it has been using its working spaces as an art gallery and organizing exhibitions in certain periods in order to support culture and art. In addition to supporting art and artists through the methods described, KIPLAS also creates a collection by preserving the works gifted by artists with great care.

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